Friday, June 28, 2013

Water Bottle Filling Stations

OP&C plumbers will be installing approximately 16 water bottle filling stations throughout Bell Tower, Student Housing, Recreation Center, Broome Library and Aliso Hall. OP&C staff has already installed a water bottle filling station on the Second Floor of Bell Tower West and are in the process of installing another one in the First Floor of Bell Tower, adjacent to 1681 in the Advising Hallway.  By installing these stations we are promoting the use of reusable water bottles to help reduce waste on the campus.

New Water Bottle Refilling Station

North Parking Lot Landscaping

The North Parking Lot was opened during the 2012-2013 year. The landscaping work around the parking lot continues as OPC plants additional trees and shrubs, matching the landscaping that has already taken root along the Entrance Road. The planting is also part of CI's effort to use drought resistant plants native to California and the Ventura Region, saving water while preserving the natural habitats throughout our campus.

Planting trees along the North  Parking Lot.

Green Efforts Online

OPC is always working on coming up with new ways to make the campus greener. Green technologies are becoming more prevalent in everyday life, including Channel Islands. In an effort to keep students and any others updated on what OPC is working on, we have started social networks sites. These sites, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are being updated with green efforts being undertaken by OPC as well as school events that encourage student participation. The Links below will take you to the Sustainable Channel Islands.

Summer Detailing

OPC ramps-up work during summer break. This is a perfect time to thoroughly clean the campus while the student population is low. Custodians will be detailing restrooms, hallways, classrooms, offices, entry ways, public areas as well as break rooms.  All exterior stairwells, light fixtures, walls and windows will also be cleaned. This effort is an important part of our maintenance while preparing for next year's students.

Exterior detailing underway

Student Housing Refresh

In conjunction with the exterior campus refresh, the Paint Shop is busy touching-up CI's student housing. Summer break provides a great opportunity to fix any scratches and chips that occur throughout the year from students living in the resident's halls.  

Student Housing refresh in progress 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Future Play Fields

Over the past year, dirt has been imported to be used for elevating and grading our future Channel Islands Play Fields. Approximately four weeks ago the rough grading began. This now flattened land along University Drive will eventually become two soccer fields as well as a softball field.

Rough Grading of Future Play Fields

Campus Exterior Refresh

The Paint Shop is in the process of refinishing the walls of the maintenance shop buildings.  The maintenance shops are only one of the many buildings that the paint shop will be refreshing. This is part of OPC's ongoing efforts to keep the campus looking clean.

Maintenance Building Refresh